Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pranking the Human

As I've said in a previous post, our cat Louie Belle likes to carry live, unharmed animals through her cat door and set them free in the house so that I can chase them through our humble abode to capture them (hopefully) and release them back outdoors. 

It's important to note that Caleb (our Jindo dog), Zoe (our little, black Bichon-mix), and Louie Belle flatly refuse to help me catch them. To the point that the feral critters have literally climbed over the lounging bodies of my pets to escape me.

Louie Belle most often brings in lizards, mice, and voles, but she occasionally catches baby bunnies in the early spring.

One of the many baby bunnies brought in by Louie Belle
Usually the wee rabbits are calm and subdued, but occasionally she grabs a lively one who vehemently protests the kidnapping (or bunny-napping, as it were). Don't let their tiny bodies and mild nature fool you; their screech can rival a fire alarm (seriously!) in volume and shrillness when they're upset. 

One early Sunday morning (while Jay was at work, of course), I was jolted from the deepest sleep by ear-splitting shrieks. As I lurched out of bed, I instinctively grabbed a shirt that was in a Goodwill pile. I threw it over Louie Belle who was crouched in the hallway with a screaming bunny in her mouth. As she dropped the little cottontail, I scooped it up in the shirt and stumbled out of the front door, still half asleep, while Zoe barked and ran circles in the foyer, overstimulated by the startling event.  

I quickly dropped the loosely-wrapped bunny under a bush next to the porch, and then turned to go back inside.

Just in time to see Zoe, in her considerable excitement, bump the door.

Which closed it.  

And automatically locked it. 

I stood dazed, disheveled, and wearing only my knee-length sleep shirt. I tried to tell myself that I was surely still in bed, dreaming, but the freezing rain on my bare feet finally convinced me otherwise.

Louie Belle and Zoe bounced from window to window to watch as I waded through frigid puddles and squished through mud to get to the backyard (I swear they were giggling), desperate to find our hidden key and fervently praying that the neighbors were still sleeping.

Caleb is now my favorite pet.

Zoe and Louie Belle trying to look innocent while thinking:
Baby bunny:  Free
Door nudge:  Free
Look on Mom's face when she realized we locked her outside in her sleep shirt:  Priceless!

Verse of the day:  (Revelation 3:20) "I (Jesus) stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in..." 
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  1. At least they hadn't hidden ypur shirt or learned to work the webcam.

    1. Gasp! I didn't think of that--I need to hide my video camera from them and keep my computer out of reach. All I need is for something like this to pop up on youtube "posted anonymously."

  2. I am tired out and cold just from reading that!! Too hysterical!!

    1. Thanks for reading my post! I still haven't recovered...

  3. Soooo funny! Yes, our animals know what they're doing!