Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pajama Pants

I suspect being home all the time has affected my view of which clothing is appropriate for which occasion.  

I moseyed out to our side yard one recent morning to see how much progress Jay had made in the construction of our soon-to-be raised garden bed. I found him talking to two boys from our neighborhood. The youngest looked at me oddly, so I answered his unspoken comment with, "Yes, I'm wearing pajama pants and a sweatshirt. And, yes, I slept in them. Leave me alone--this is the South, so I'm allowed to be eccentric."

Hens (appropriately dressed in feathered ensembles) and Pamela (caught in the yard in her pajama pants)

To be fair, the pajama pants matched my coat perfectly. And they were advertised as "lounge wear." Since I had no intention of joining Jay in digging, there was no reason for me to change into "exertion wear."     

Zoe, on the other hand, always wears what's appropriate. Once, while my dad was visiting, she wore a cute, comfortable dress all day. When we were ready for bed, my dad picked her up to take her into his room. She was half asleep, and I didn't feel like changing her, so I lazily said, "That dress is just like a nightgown, isn't it?"  

Jay agreed.  

Dad agreed.  

Zoe disagreed.

This is a dress, not a nightgown

A few minutes later, Jay's and my bedroom door popped open, and Zoe stood, swaying sleepily, in the doorway. She toddled in, put her nose on her pajamas lying at the end of our bed, and looked at me with drowsy eyes like, "Surely, you didn't expect me to sleep in a dress."

Another day, my dad called out, "Pamela, something's wrong with Zoe! She's always excited to go for a walk, but now she won't leave the house."

I know her well, so I yelled back, "Dad, what's she wearing?"

"What's she wearing? What does that have to do with anything?"

"Dad, is she still in her pajamas?"

"Um, yeah. Are you trying to tell me she knows the difference between pajamas and the rest of her clothes? Don't be ridiculous. "

"Dad, just change her clothes."

He did (no doubt rolling his eyes). As soon as she was appropriately dressed, she raced to the door. I could hear my dad muttering, "I just can't believe this. I see it, but I just can't believe it." 

Sleep attire--not to be confused with STREET attire

Surely, he didn't expect her to walk though the neighborhood in pajamas.

Perhaps I should get her some "lounge wear."

Verse of the day:  (I Tim 2:9)  "...wear modest and appropriate clothing..."  
I have "modest" down, but I'm still working on "appropriate."  If you see me in Wal-Mart in pajamas, it's time to stage in an intervention. 

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  1. HAAAhahaha! Zoe is one smart little doggie!

  2. I know a lot of people can't post comments here for some reason (I DO have it on "anyone can comment" setting, so I'm baffled), but I love all the email and FB comments! Thank you!

  3. From Lora - This is hilarious!!! Zoe is such a little Pamela "mini-me"!!! :-) I remember the days (nay, YEARS) when Pamela would have to "dress up" to go to the grocery store. Far be it for her to go in casual clothes: she might run into someone somewhere!! I guess that's one good thing I have to say about Pamela moving to the South, she's learned it's OK to be comfy. :-)

  4. Only Zoe would know the difference. How she knows is baffling!

    1. I wonder if she finds it humiliating when I go outside in my pajama pants. Maybe that's why she prefers Jay. She's like, "Mooooom, you're soooooooo embarrassing! I'm going to stand by Dad and hope the neighbors think you wandered here from a house down the street."